Health Information


American Diabetes Association
This site offers a number of tips for healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This site provides motivational resources to help make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Topics like preventing weight gain, assessing BMI, healthy eating, physical activity and balancing calories are covered in depth.  

American Dietetic Association
The ADA has information on managing weight through healthy eating. Topics include BMI, cutting calories, restaurant eating, food shopping, food safety, disease management and preventionand nutrition needs for every age.The site has resources in Spanish and Chinese.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Labeling and Nutrition
Teaches consumers how to read a nutrition label and count calories.

American Heart Association
The site provides information to help consumers get healthy with a focus on cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention. There are great resources on nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, fats and oils, stress management and healthy kids. Some of the most helpful resources include:


US Department of Agriculture Food Pyramid
This site explains the USDA dietary recommendations for individual food groups and offers each person a personalized daily food plan. The food plan includes the number of calories needed each day and recommendations for how much food to eat from each food group. The recommendations are given in cups and ounces (instead of number of servings) and the site has interactive tools to help consumers plan and track meals. It also provides healthy eating resources for every life stage.

SparkPeople is a free health and wellness website. Consumers have access to personalized diet and fitness plans, food, fitness and workout trackers, exercise demos and videos, healthy recipes, current health news and motivational articles. The site’s best feature is the sense of community which it provides by supporting individual blogs and small groups formed around common interests and goals.  The community provides support and motivation to its members through these forums in which each person can express frustration, encouragement and triumph.

This site includes a wide variety of medical resources for consumers, including information on the causes of obesity, the health implications associated with it, treatment options, weight loss tools and healthy eating guides, Some of the most helpful pages on the site include the following:


Nutrition for Everyone
Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables is an important weight loss strategy. This site provides the support necessary for making fruits and vegetables a larger part of your diet.  Resources include serving suggestions, budget tips, serving sizes, nutrient information and a recipe remix feature which helps to make your favorite recipes healthier.

For Children, Teens and Parents

Kids Health (for kids and parents)
This is a site for parents and children/teens which explains obesity and its complications in age appropriate terms. It addresses the health issues likely to be of greatest importance to each age group. 

Healthy Children (for parents)
At this site parents can find great information on the health needs of their children at every life stage. It is organized chronologically and covers physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

Let’s Move (for parents)
Let’s Move! is an initiative dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation so that children born today will grow up healthier. It has information on the obesity epidemic and provides basic strategies for families, schools and communities to help kids be more active, eat better and live healthy lives.

Small Steps (for teens)
Small Steps is a site to educate kids and teens on the importance of healthy eating, portion control and physical activity. It has information on local programs and resources.

Spanish Language Resources

Kids’ Health Spanish-Language Site
This site, for parents and children/teens, explains obesity and its complications in age appropriate terms. It addresses the health issues which are likely to be of greatest importance to each age group.   

Medline Plus
The site includes a wide variety of medical resources and information in Spanish, including information on obesity basics, the health risks of being overweight, treatment options, and the latest news.